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SDS AR-15 Magazine 5.56x45mm NATO / .223 Rem (30 Round capacity)

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This is the SDS Imports AR-15 30 round translucent polymer magazine, chambered in .223 Remington / 5.56NATO.

Featuring a translucent polymer design with a Zig-Zag reinforced designed for grip and texture,  view all the inner workings of the magazine. The polymer baseplate can be removed easily, allowing you to quickly fix any internal issues you can see or for cleaning purposes. The high-visibility follower (light gray) is in stark contrast with the dark magazine, alerting you that your magazine is empty and that your chamber is clear. The steel spring and follower work cohesively with one another, guaranteeing smooth and reliable feeding.

This magazine is designed for use with AR rifles. The AR-15 and SR-25 rifles are the main rifles that this magazine would work best with, and also look best with.

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