NEW 9mm Pulldown Brass JAG Headstamp 100 count boxes

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Brand: Jagemann Sporting Group

FACTORY NEW 9mm Brass JAG Headstamp

Arguably the world’s most widely-used military handgun cartridge, the 9mm is often credited with the rise in popularity of semi-automatic pistols over the traditional revolver. Featuring a rimless head and tapered design, the 9mm delivers impressive power with moderate recoil.

Drawn from American-made premium brass cups, each casing undergoes rigorous in-line and post-production quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless casing of unparalleled durability and dependability.

Standard casing dimensions and tolerances have been modified to achieve maximum performance. Jagemann™ Technologies’ in-house tooling and engineering capabilities provide the ability to customize casing dimensions for use with specific projectiles.

Type: Military/Police, Personal Defense, Sporting
Date of Origin: 1903 (Germany)
Case Type: Rimless, Tapered
Neck Diameter: .3799 in (9.65 mm)
Shoulder Diameter: .3799 in (9.65 mm)
Base Diameter: .3921 in (9.93 mm)
Rim Diameter: .3921 in (9.93 mm)
Rim Thickness: .035 in and (.90 mm)
Case Length: .7539 in (19.15 mm)
Primer Type: Small Pistol
Max Pressure: 35,000 psi (240 mpa)

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