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12 Gauge, slugs, 2 3/4, Federal (F127 RS) – 5 Rounds

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Want rifle-like accuracy from your smoothbore shotgun? Then buy a case of this Federal Power-Shok 12 gauge rifled slug 1 oz. HP 2 ¾” shotshell ammo.

The 12-gauge shotgun is often overlooked when it comes to modern firearms. In this world of high-tech, high-speed sport or precision rifles, many shooters see shotguns as nothing more than a hunting tool. However, in the right hands, a 12-gauge loaded with slugs is a powerful choice for self-defense.

Federal has been supplying high-quality shotshell ammunition for over a century, and now they are your source for some of the most accurate 12-gauge slugs available. The 12 ga. 2 ¾” 1 oz. Rifled Slug Federal (F127 RS) delivers a precise, hard-hitting shot that is capable of extending your shotgun’s range to as much as 100 yards. The Power-Shok design increases expansion while maintaining accuracy at maximum distance.

Each round incorporates a 1 oz. Hollow Point Slug that is rifled for increased accuracy, as well as shotgun casing and shotgun primer. Muzzle velocities of 1610 feet per second and muzzle energy of 2518 foot-pounds deliver your round with the power needed to take down big targets.

This ammunition comes in bulk cases of 250 rounds. Whether you are interested in target shooting, hunting, or self-defense, the 12 ga. 2 ¾” 1 oz. Rifled Slug Federal (F127 RS) will get the job done.

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